New Features in BIOS 323 Update for ROG Ally Users

Today, we’re diving into the recently released BIOS 323 update for the Ally device rolled out on July 21, 2023. It’s available via the MyASUS platform and brings along several user experience (UX) improvements designed to fine-tune performance and usability of the Ally.

30W Support For High-Wattage Adapters

One of the more noteworthy enhancements includes the introduction of 30W support when utilizing 65W or higher wattage PD adapters or Type-C hubs. Prior to this update, users expressed concerns about the Ally device’s inability to reach its full 30W Turbo mode when linked via certain third-party USB-C docks or adapters, even with high-wattage USB-C power supplies. This update aims to rectify this situation by modifying how the Ally device handles power draw.

Previously, due to the power contract design in certain third-party docks, the Ally could not determine the dock’s full capabilities and was therefore unable to draw more power than what was contractually available. Now, with this update, the Ally will be able to draw power freely based on its availability from the dock. This means, when using high-powered chargers, the Ally should effortlessly support the 30W Turbo mode while keeping the battery charged.

Minimum Panel Backlight Value Reduced

Another UX improvement in this update is the modification of the minimum panel backlight value. The developers have dialed it down from 25nits to 10nits, enhancing usability in dark environments. This change caters to those who enjoy gaming in low-light settings, providing them with a better visual experience.

Maintained Memory Assignment Post-Update

Users will also appreciate that future BIOS updates won’t reset the “Memory Assigned to GPU” setting to default. Instead, this setting will retain its previous value, eliminating the need for users to reconfigure it after every update.

Optimized Performance in Plugged-in Mode

Lastly, the BIOS 323 update has optimized the Ally’s performance when operating in Performance mode while plugged in. This will bring an overall smoother and more responsive gaming experience, especially for those extended gaming sessions.

In conclusion, this BIOS 323 update for the Ally device certainly has brought some significant changes, each aiming to enhance user experience and gaming performance. We encourage all Ally users to install this update and harness the benefits it brings. Remember, if you experience any battery drain while in the 30W Turbo mode, it may be wise to switch to a dock or charger with a higher wattage.

You can have a look at ASUS’s official release notes here.

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